The Second Act

Things i love, in no particular order. However I did list these things in this particular order so I guess really the order is quite particular to me. Gin (draw your own conclusions from the fact this came first). Ridiculously over priced objects including everything from clothes to colanders, not champagne (Forget what Colgate tells you, Champagne is the number one cause of bad breath ). Nail varnish. My super amazing bestest friend in the world Lucy (obviously she’s not quite as super amazing as Gin). Christmas (it’s the most wonderful time of the year apparently). Books with pretty covers (yes, I beg to differ - you can judge a book by it’s cover). Stationary with my name on it and squidgy nineties pencil cases. Eating nice food preferably that is cooked by others (saying that, I do also like cooking for others)). Liberty of London (which is my favourite place in the entire world...Liberty + Christmas = minor explosion in my pin sized head due to extreme excitement). This blog is about all these things and many many more.